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Stroke clinics will be held during May through SHRSL. Every year, our swim team needs volunteers to be stroke judges, and each year stroke judges must go to a stroke clinic to learn how to do it correctly (or at least get a refresher).

The following dates for the clinics have been set for the 2022 Swim Season. Please plan to attend one of the clinics if you will be able to be a stroke judge this year:

Date Location Start Time Short Start Time Long Address
May 18
Sweetwater(indoor) 6:00PM 6:30PM
Sweetwater (SW)
Maplewood 7:30AM 8:00AM
Maplewood (MW)
May 22
Meadows 3:30PM 4:00PM
Meadows (ME)
May 25
Greatwood 6:00PM 6:30PM
Greatwood Pool 1

Go to the Southwest Houston Recreations Swim League page for more details on the stroke clinics: http://shrsl.org/clinics/

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Volunteer Positions for Meets

As a volunteer organization, the Wahoo Swim Club is dependent on the swimmers' parents to make sure practices and meets run smoothly.  Parents agree to volunteer at every meet their children attend (at least two (2) swim meets during the season). 

  • Tent Parent: Prepare swimmers for upcoming events
  • Line Parent: Move swimmers from tent to deck in orderly manner
  • Toddler Parent: Watch toddlers so that parents are able to volunteer
  • Stroke/Relay Judge: Officiate Events
  • Timer: Times the events
  • Time Runner: Collect time sheets
  • Starter/Announcer: Runs the events
  • Concessions: Prepares and sells concessions
  • Ribbon Table: Records the results and prepares ribbons
  • Tear down: Supervise children to clean area and pack away equipment
  • Scorer: Works with scorers from the other team to ensure accurate scores 
  • Score Data Entry: Records official times and placement into the League system
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Glenshire Wahoo are registered as a 501(c)(3) charity under the "Wahoo Swim Club" name.